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Sunday, August 7, 2016

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I’m asking for donations

Yes, I’m blatantly asking for anyone reading this to please donate to our Walk With Me team for Easter Seals.

The one mile zoo walk is August 7 at the Detroit Zoo. We would love to have local, or even semi-local, friends sign up to walk with us. You can register by clicking on the ‘Join’ button on our team page.

Those of my friends scattered around the globe can donate via the ‘Donate’ button on our team page.

Easter Seals is a wonderful organization for helping people of all ages. The money they raise goes to helping people, not to big salaries or advertising.

So, please join us to walk! Please donate!

Thank you!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Join or donate here: Curving Path team page


We are Easter Seals Ambassadors!

imageYes, the kids are the co-ambassadors for Easter Seals Michigan! We were called in late December, asking us if we would let the kids be their representatives for 2016. Of course I said yes! The guys came over to talk with us about it right at New Years time. As you can see by the SNOW ON THE GROUND IN OUR PICTURE, our professional photo session was in February. 😳😳

Our activities as ambassadors so far, have included the kids each getting to choose raffle winners for cars & cash, speaking at the Easter Seals Michigan annual meeting and doing a zoo walk in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We will be at the Detroit Zoo walk on August 7! PLEASE join us, or donate to our team if you live too far away to join. Our team page for joining us and donating


We went to Maine to meet Gabby’s running buddy, Sarah. Gabby was in 7th Heaven! I was too, getting to meet my email pen pal, Barb. That’s Sarah’s mom. We also met all the rest of their family & a few friends. The kids said it was better than Disney!

Since returning from Maine, the kids have been bored! (3 days…) It’s gonna be a long summer… At least I have 2 camps scheduled in there! Yay, me!

Yes, this HAS been a different sort of summer.

We began summer by driving to Charlotte, North Carolina for our neice’s wedding and the Fourth of July weekend. Yeah, it was HOT down there! They told us the temperatures had ‘moderated’ but I was still a sweaty, sticky mess every time I stepped out of an air conditioned place. Yes, I am from the North part of the lower 48 states. No, we don’t have snow all year. No we do not have perma-frost here either.  I just find 90°F/32°C extremely warm, especially with 95% humidity. 

Anyway, the wedding was beautiful. This is the picture my friend, Laurie, took of us before we went to the wedding. We clean up nicely. Laurie & her family had us over for a little while despite being incredibly busy themselves. They also adopted 2 children from Russia. Our 4 Russians got along very well, playing instantly like old friends. Steve & I chatted with Laurie & her husband like old friends too. It was a sweet couple hours. Now they have moved from that house in Charlotte back to Oregon. The Boy says we MUST visit them in Oregon! I hope we will, one day.  

The kids went to a 2 week long summer day camp in mid-July. The Boy went to Building Bridges for building social skills when you have autism. The Girl went to Super Kids/Smart Choices camp, same as Building Bridges but tweaked for kids on the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum. The local Macomb Intermediate School District puts these camps together every summer. Only minimal cost to the parents and the kids LOVE them! Thank you MISD! 

In about mid-June I heard about a new program Easter Seals is running here in Michigan. I filled out their on line questionnaire and heard back that we would be a good fit for the program. It is called LUNA and deals with childhood trauma. I filled out a bunch of forms for both kids & we showed up at 9:15 a.m. for testing on Monday August 3. The kids did well, both finishing the first part of the test by about 11:30. We broke for a 1 hour lunch. I brought cold pizza for me & the kids to have in the car & then I let them run around & check things out. The Oakland county sheriff’s offices were right next to the Easter Seals building. I figured we were pretty safe. 😊 The kids gathered crab apples from some trees & brought them back to the car. Yippee…if they are apples, can we bake them? Uh, no… We CAN take them home for our local squirrels to try. Oh good! 

The Girl set up a little TV tray with her Kindle on it under some trees near the Easter Seals building. The Boy climbed a pine tree. I was just hanging out in the car. Suddenly, The Girl SHRIEKED and was running for the car. I could see a couple black things following her. Wasps! Then the real ‘fun’ began. I slammed her into the car after brushing off her followers and I followed the ear splitting screams from The Boy. I found him in a black cloud of wasps, screaming & crying! I felt myself getting stung but I needed to get my Boy out of there. I carried/dragged him out to the car. A girl from Easter Seals was going to get the mail. I begged her to take my kids back in with her. She did. I got the wasps out of our car–the ones that had been clinging to The Boy’s back & stinging him over & over. The people at Easter Seals were great. They got us ice packs, ibuprofen, herbal tea (I was a shaking mess) & we rescheduled the rest of the testing. I managed to drive us home safely. We counted 2 stings on The Girl, 9 stings on me and 20 stings on The Boy! Amazingly, we were all fine by the next morning! God truly protected us.  Oh! even the fairies do not like wasps. This was left in the Fairy Diary. 

Now the kids are at their last camp for this summer, the Project FOCUS camp run by CARE of SEMichigan. This year it is 5 full days. Last year it was 10 half days. I think I liked the half days better. The kids are having fun tho plus they get free breakfast and lunch there. PB& J is soooooo much better when someone else makes it! LOL! 

Only a few more weeks till school beings again. I hope the kids do well this year, no more bullying or name calling, no more crying about homework. I can hope, right? 😊 For the ending of the summer, I seem to have a summer cold mixed with allergies. A sore throat was made worse with post nasal drip, which caused coughing. Today, very suddenly, my only working ear plugged. I am getting a preview of deafness. I am not enjoying it and neither is anyone else here. I am praying it pops open overnight. Pray with me, please? And pray for a good school year for The Boy (6th) and The Girl (7th). 

Thank you!  

Oh, the littermates, Bee🐝 and Tigre. 


Summer with differently-abled children

Ah, the lazy days of summer are here! 

Oh, how I would enjoy it if my kids had friends they could visit by bike or if their friends could come over here. We have so few times when other kids come to play. Some kids can’t come over because they are allergic to cats or dogs. Some can’t come over because both parents work and they are in camps, at relatives houses, off on vacations already or some other thing. I don’t trust my kids to go to someone else’s house without me hanging around to supervise. 

My kids like to do things like dig out a water feature in the garden, line it, put rocks in and fill it with water. That only takes a couple hours. Then he’ll be looking for a new project, like hammering as many nails as he can into a piece of wood. Oh, without using a hammer, because tools are off limits. He’ll use a rock or another piece of wood cuz he’s flexible like that. Then he’ll take apart the hand brakes on the bike but not remember EXACTLY how they go back together, so he’ll ask if he can use the scissors. You’ll say ok and ask what for? He’ll say he’s cutting some wire, so you tell him to use the scissors in the garage or the wire cutters. “Ok! Thanks Mom!” About 30 minutes later, when the hose has been running for a few minutes, you’ll stick your head outside, see bike brake wire all over, the hose running down a makeshift slide into a mud puddle and The Boy pulling out a large chunk of concrete. He’s soaked to the bone, in clothes not a bathing suit, covered in mud spray and telling you he’s found another stone he can carve RIP on for his fish, and he will try not to break this one. 

Then there’s The Girl. She will dress up your cat in cute doll clothes. She won’t get a scratch while dressing him/her but you will get hundreds as you try to undress the poor soul. Then she will ask if you can video tape her making the cat dance. Or trying to do a handstand. If you say No time now, she will grab her Kindle and set it up to do the taping herself. Then she will post it to Facebook, Instagram and snapchat. Then she will discover someone who ‘sounds interesting’ on Instagram, write to them via YOUR email and you’ll receive ‘interesting’ notes from them. Of course, these won’t come till The Girl is sound asleep that night & you’ll forget about it for a few days, thus rendering any thought of punishment null. Prenatal brain damage is such a fun thing. It’s Alzheimer’s for youth…and forever and ever. It’s Mom and Dad constantly being on their toes, watching over everything She does. Mom and Dad constantly being on alert and exhausted and trying to clear things up and explain to others. 

No, my summer is not like yours. I only told you about 2 hours of one morning. Try getting anything done…you can’t. Try watching both kids all the time…you can’t. Try resting…you can’t. If you’re lucky, the kids play nicely together for about 20 minutes so you can take a shower and throw some clothes on. Maybe you’ll get time to eat a little for lunch, maybe some time to throw something together for dinner. I find summers getting harder as the kids get older. 

I think we will go to Greenfield Village a few times, terrorize the people there for awhile. LOL! We can go to the dancing fountains the city has at city hall. That’s good for a couple hours. 

I am very thankful the kids have learned to sleep in. I have to learn to change my schedule tho and do my knitting and decompressing in the morning. 

Enjoy your summer!! We are trying to enjoy ours! 


When the motivation just leaves

I seem to be in one of those ‘blah’ times. I don’t feel like knitting, I don’t feel like reading or doing a Bible study, I don’t feel like cleaning the house. I just feel like sitting like a lump, as I used to tell the kids.

“What we do t’day, Mama?” “Let’s sit like lumps. I think that’s a good idea.” “No, Mama!! We no sit like lumps. We gotsa do tings. We do a playing. We do Wiggles.” (The Wiggles TV show)

Eventually, I start to feel better but I really dislike these times. It’s not like I have a huge family to take care of or a big house or lots of commitments. I’m pretty sure this has to do with a couple friends, not local, who aren’t feeling well along with memories of things from many years ago.

Oh, add to that Chloe having an icky tummy again. Boooooo! Hissssssss! I wonder what’ strong this time? Poor pup… Tigre is trying to help me feel better by stalking a pet pillow that crinkles! Every time it makes noise, he jumps back & his fur PUFFS! Silly kitty!

just some pictures of how I feel these days…image image

one for the art show!

one for the art show!

I AM pretty happy my spider socks were chosen for a local art show. First time I’ve ever tried entering my knitting in a show. How cool is that!?

I hope oped your days are going better than mine. Time to finish laundry and make some turkey meatballs for dinner. Oh, and some serious prayer time to be with my Abba Father. Need His love today. Prayers for all of you, my friends. 😍

Yarn makes terrific insulation

I’m really not sure of the R-value of yarn, but it must be pretty decent if you have a number of skeins piled (shoved) in each of 6 cubbies near you and the space between said cubbies and the area where you usually knit is also filled with yarn. It’s a cozy place, usually taken over by one animal or another, or a kid, if they are home. 🙂 I’m usually pretty happy when the kiddos go to bed so I can get “my spot” on the couch, pull out my knitting and while away the evening. I can even read subtitles while knitting, provided it’s a fairly simple pattern. LOL!

Last week, The Boy asked me for a blue hat. I have LOTS of blue yarn, so I pulled out a few different blues. No, those weren’t right. Then he spied the bag from Mary Maxim–the bag of seconds. He LOVED the Green/blue/yellow of that yarn. OK, so I made him an ear flap hat out of it. I guess he loves it. He’s worn it everyday since I finished.

The dog has not asked for extra insulation this year. I guess my ‘oops, too small’ attempt last year was enough. She now has a lovely velcro on/off waterproof coat with a fuzzy lining. She looks lovely in it. But I bet my wool was warmer… LOL!

The cats only seem to want catnip and tuna and an occasional toy. I have not yet tried knitting or crocheting something for them. Maybe I will after I finish the Sunburst DK blanket and the Celestarium shawl and the spider socks and some plain socks and a few cute garden flags. (OK, never)

DSCN5705  DSCN5218

Yarn makes me happy. Just touching some yarn is wonderful. Knitting with some brands is just amazing. My very favorite yarn to knit with was Fiesta La Luz Multi–a lovely, smooth silk yarn. I wanted to wrap myself in it & never leave!! LOL! Then there are the colors you can find in Red Heart Super Saver (the workhorse of yarns)–neutrals, brights, patterns, etc. I use Red Heart for my garden flags so they withstand the weather. I don’t think the silk would last as well.

Yarn is like my kiddos–each one different and each on perfect for its situation. The Boy is amazing in math. Doing mixed fractions, adding and subtracting them, he’s a wiz! He knows what I’ve read to him in great detail and can easily answer questions about it. He flounders a bit in self reading and flounders a LOT in writing. He’s an amazing boy. We just ask him to do his best. Some days are much tougher than others in that regard. Our girl is the hardest worker I know. She works and works and works for her teachers. At home, most days, she will come home and do her homework as soon as she walks in the door…and THEN pitch a fit about things that bothered her at school. LOL! She is the sweetest thing ever, unless the teen attitude it hitting. Thankfully, that’s not too often yet.


I pray with both kids on the way to school or the bus stop. I like to think this is a good part of their day. I pray for protection over them and for them to have a good day. It doesn’t always work that they have a good day, but at least in the winter, I get to watch those nice knit hats go bouncing down the sidewalk, on their way to school. Yarn does make me happy and it keeps my family warm.