New store!! Reef Tank Yarn Creations

I have opened a shop on Facebook! Please pm me with questions or if you would like to buy any RTYC product.

Contact me:  I will send you a PayPal invoice. Shipping in included in US prices.

100% of money will go to Kensington Church from now (28 March 2017) through the end of July (31 July 2017). From 1 August 2017, going forward, 10% will go to charity.

Current offerings:

Kauni Wings, $125 A beautiful shawl that looks like lacy bird feathers in 100% wool. Kauni 8/2 effektgarn wool is hand wash only, lay flat to dry. It will felt if you put it in the washing machine. With care, it should need little washing. It is 60″ across and 24″ deep.

Spiral Cake Blanket, $60 A versital 80/20 acrylic/wool blend. It can be machine washed, laid flat to dry. Good for a snuggling blanket or a baby blanket. It is 3 feet across. What little boy wouldn’t love to drag this through the mud a few times?!

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