We are Easter Seals Ambassadors!

imageYes, the kids are the co-ambassadors for Easter Seals Michigan! We were called in late December, asking us if we would let the kids be their representatives for 2016. Of course I said yes! The guys came over to talk with us about it right at New Years time. As you can see by the SNOW ON THE GROUND IN OUR PICTURE, our professional photo session was in February. 😳😳

Our activities as ambassadors so far, have included the kids each getting to choose raffle winners for cars & cash, speaking at the Easter Seals Michigan annual meeting and doing a zoo walk in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We will be at the Detroit Zoo walk on August 7! PLEASE join us, or donate to our team if you live too far away to join. Our team page for joining us and donating


We went to Maine to meet Gabby’s running buddy, Sarah. Gabby was in 7th Heaven! I was too, getting to meet my email pen pal, Barb. That’s Sarah’s mom. We also met all the rest of their family & a few friends. The kids said it was better than Disney!

Since returning from Maine, the kids have been bored! (3 days…) It’s gonna be a long summer… At least I have 2 camps scheduled in there! Yay, me!

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