Yes, this HAS been a different sort of summer.

We began summer by driving to Charlotte, North Carolina for our neice’s wedding and the Fourth of July weekend. Yeah, it was HOT down there! They told us the temperatures had ‘moderated’ but I was still a sweaty, sticky mess every time I stepped out of an air conditioned place. Yes, I am from the North part of the lower 48 states. No, we don’t have snow all year. No we do not have perma-frost here either.  I just find 90°F/32°C extremely warm, especially with 95% humidity. 

Anyway, the wedding was beautiful. This is the picture my friend, Laurie, took of us before we went to the wedding. We clean up nicely. Laurie & her family had us over for a little while despite being incredibly busy themselves. They also adopted 2 children from Russia. Our 4 Russians got along very well, playing instantly like old friends. Steve & I chatted with Laurie & her husband like old friends too. It was a sweet couple hours. Now they have moved from that house in Charlotte back to Oregon. The Boy says we MUST visit them in Oregon! I hope we will, one day.  

The kids went to a 2 week long summer day camp in mid-July. The Boy went to Building Bridges for building social skills when you have autism. The Girl went to Super Kids/Smart Choices camp, same as Building Bridges but tweaked for kids on the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum. The local Macomb Intermediate School District puts these camps together every summer. Only minimal cost to the parents and the kids LOVE them! Thank you MISD! 

In about mid-June I heard about a new program Easter Seals is running here in Michigan. I filled out their on line questionnaire and heard back that we would be a good fit for the program. It is called LUNA and deals with childhood trauma. I filled out a bunch of forms for both kids & we showed up at 9:15 a.m. for testing on Monday August 3. The kids did well, both finishing the first part of the test by about 11:30. We broke for a 1 hour lunch. I brought cold pizza for me & the kids to have in the car & then I let them run around & check things out. The Oakland county sheriff’s offices were right next to the Easter Seals building. I figured we were pretty safe. 😊 The kids gathered crab apples from some trees & brought them back to the car. Yippee…if they are apples, can we bake them? Uh, no… We CAN take them home for our local squirrels to try. Oh good! 

The Girl set up a little TV tray with her Kindle on it under some trees near the Easter Seals building. The Boy climbed a pine tree. I was just hanging out in the car. Suddenly, The Girl SHRIEKED and was running for the car. I could see a couple black things following her. Wasps! Then the real ‘fun’ began. I slammed her into the car after brushing off her followers and I followed the ear splitting screams from The Boy. I found him in a black cloud of wasps, screaming & crying! I felt myself getting stung but I needed to get my Boy out of there. I carried/dragged him out to the car. A girl from Easter Seals was going to get the mail. I begged her to take my kids back in with her. She did. I got the wasps out of our car–the ones that had been clinging to The Boy’s back & stinging him over & over. The people at Easter Seals were great. They got us ice packs, ibuprofen, herbal tea (I was a shaking mess) & we rescheduled the rest of the testing. I managed to drive us home safely. We counted 2 stings on The Girl, 9 stings on me and 20 stings on The Boy! Amazingly, we were all fine by the next morning! God truly protected us.  Oh! even the fairies do not like wasps. This was left in the Fairy Diary. 

Now the kids are at their last camp for this summer, the Project FOCUS camp run by CARE of SEMichigan. This year it is 5 full days. Last year it was 10 half days. I think I liked the half days better. The kids are having fun tho plus they get free breakfast and lunch there. PB& J is soooooo much better when someone else makes it! LOL! 

Only a few more weeks till school beings again. I hope the kids do well this year, no more bullying or name calling, no more crying about homework. I can hope, right? 😊 For the ending of the summer, I seem to have a summer cold mixed with allergies. A sore throat was made worse with post nasal drip, which caused coughing. Today, very suddenly, my only working ear plugged. I am getting a preview of deafness. I am not enjoying it and neither is anyone else here. I am praying it pops open overnight. Pray with me, please? And pray for a good school year for The Boy (6th) and The Girl (7th). 

Thank you!  

Oh, the littermates, Bee🐝 and Tigre. 


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