Summer with differently-abled children

Ah, the lazy days of summer are here! 

Oh, how I would enjoy it if my kids had friends they could visit by bike or if their friends could come over here. We have so few times when other kids come to play. Some kids can’t come over because they are allergic to cats or dogs. Some can’t come over because both parents work and they are in camps, at relatives houses, off on vacations already or some other thing. I don’t trust my kids to go to someone else’s house without me hanging around to supervise. 

My kids like to do things like dig out a water feature in the garden, line it, put rocks in and fill it with water. That only takes a couple hours. Then he’ll be looking for a new project, like hammering as many nails as he can into a piece of wood. Oh, without using a hammer, because tools are off limits. He’ll use a rock or another piece of wood cuz he’s flexible like that. Then he’ll take apart the hand brakes on the bike but not remember EXACTLY how they go back together, so he’ll ask if he can use the scissors. You’ll say ok and ask what for? He’ll say he’s cutting some wire, so you tell him to use the scissors in the garage or the wire cutters. “Ok! Thanks Mom!” About 30 minutes later, when the hose has been running for a few minutes, you’ll stick your head outside, see bike brake wire all over, the hose running down a makeshift slide into a mud puddle and The Boy pulling out a large chunk of concrete. He’s soaked to the bone, in clothes not a bathing suit, covered in mud spray and telling you he’s found another stone he can carve RIP on for his fish, and he will try not to break this one. 

Then there’s The Girl. She will dress up your cat in cute doll clothes. She won’t get a scratch while dressing him/her but you will get hundreds as you try to undress the poor soul. Then she will ask if you can video tape her making the cat dance. Or trying to do a handstand. If you say No time now, she will grab her Kindle and set it up to do the taping herself. Then she will post it to Facebook, Instagram and snapchat. Then she will discover someone who ‘sounds interesting’ on Instagram, write to them via YOUR email and you’ll receive ‘interesting’ notes from them. Of course, these won’t come till The Girl is sound asleep that night & you’ll forget about it for a few days, thus rendering any thought of punishment null. Prenatal brain damage is such a fun thing. It’s Alzheimer’s for youth…and forever and ever. It’s Mom and Dad constantly being on their toes, watching over everything She does. Mom and Dad constantly being on alert and exhausted and trying to clear things up and explain to others. 

No, my summer is not like yours. I only told you about 2 hours of one morning. Try getting anything done…you can’t. Try watching both kids all the time…you can’t. Try resting…you can’t. If you’re lucky, the kids play nicely together for about 20 minutes so you can take a shower and throw some clothes on. Maybe you’ll get time to eat a little for lunch, maybe some time to throw something together for dinner. I find summers getting harder as the kids get older. 

I think we will go to Greenfield Village a few times, terrorize the people there for awhile. LOL! We can go to the dancing fountains the city has at city hall. That’s good for a couple hours. 

I am very thankful the kids have learned to sleep in. I have to learn to change my schedule tho and do my knitting and decompressing in the morning. 

Enjoy your summer!! We are trying to enjoy ours! 


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