When the motivation just leaves

I seem to be in one of those ‘blah’ times. I don’t feel like knitting, I don’t feel like reading or doing a Bible study, I don’t feel like cleaning the house. I just feel like sitting like a lump, as I used to tell the kids.

“What we do t’day, Mama?” “Let’s sit like lumps. I think that’s a good idea.” “No, Mama!! We no sit like lumps. We gotsa do tings. We do a playing. We do Wiggles.” (The Wiggles TV show)

Eventually, I start to feel better but I really dislike these times. It’s not like I have a huge family to take care of or a big house or lots of commitments. I’m pretty sure this has to do with a couple friends, not local, who aren’t feeling well along with memories of things from many years ago.

Oh, add to that Chloe having an icky tummy again. Boooooo! Hissssssss! I wonder what’ strong this time? Poor pup… Tigre is trying to help me feel better by stalking a pet pillow that crinkles! Every time it makes noise, he jumps back & his fur PUFFS! Silly kitty!

just some pictures of how I feel these days…image image

one for the art show!

one for the art show!

I AM pretty happy my spider socks were chosen for a local art show. First time I’ve ever tried entering my knitting in a show. How cool is that!?

I hope oped your days are going better than mine. Time to finish laundry and make some turkey meatballs for dinner. Oh, and some serious prayer time to be with my Abba Father. Need His love today. Prayers for all of you, my friends. 😍

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