Yarn makes terrific insulation

I’m really not sure of the R-value of yarn, but it must be pretty decent if you have a number of skeins piled (shoved) in each of 6 cubbies near you and the space between said cubbies and the area where you usually knit is also filled with yarn. It’s a cozy place, usually taken over by one animal or another, or a kid, if they are home. 🙂 I’m usually pretty happy when the kiddos go to bed so I can get “my spot” on the couch, pull out my knitting and while away the evening. I can even read subtitles while knitting, provided it’s a fairly simple pattern. LOL!

Last week, The Boy asked me for a blue hat. I have LOTS of blue yarn, so I pulled out a few different blues. No, those weren’t right. Then he spied the bag from Mary Maxim–the bag of seconds. He LOVED the Green/blue/yellow of that yarn. OK, so I made him an ear flap hat out of it. I guess he loves it. He’s worn it everyday since I finished.

The dog has not asked for extra insulation this year. I guess my ‘oops, too small’ attempt last year was enough. She now has a lovely velcro on/off waterproof coat with a fuzzy lining. She looks lovely in it. But I bet my wool was warmer… LOL!

The cats only seem to want catnip and tuna and an occasional toy. I have not yet tried knitting or crocheting something for them. Maybe I will after I finish the Sunburst DK blanket and the Celestarium shawl and the spider socks and some plain socks and a few cute garden flags. (OK, never)

DSCN5705  DSCN5218

Yarn makes me happy. Just touching some yarn is wonderful. Knitting with some brands is just amazing. My very favorite yarn to knit with was Fiesta La Luz Multi–a lovely, smooth silk yarn. I wanted to wrap myself in it & never leave!! LOL! Then there are the colors you can find in Red Heart Super Saver (the workhorse of yarns)–neutrals, brights, patterns, etc. I use Red Heart for my garden flags so they withstand the weather. I don’t think the silk would last as well.

Yarn is like my kiddos–each one different and each on perfect for its situation. The Boy is amazing in math. Doing mixed fractions, adding and subtracting them, he’s a wiz! He knows what I’ve read to him in great detail and can easily answer questions about it. He flounders a bit in self reading and flounders a LOT in writing. He’s an amazing boy. We just ask him to do his best. Some days are much tougher than others in that regard. Our girl is the hardest worker I know. She works and works and works for her teachers. At home, most days, she will come home and do her homework as soon as she walks in the door…and THEN pitch a fit about things that bothered her at school. LOL! She is the sweetest thing ever, unless the teen attitude it hitting. Thankfully, that’s not too often yet.


I pray with both kids on the way to school or the bus stop. I like to think this is a good part of their day. I pray for protection over them and for them to have a good day. It doesn’t always work that they have a good day, but at least in the winter, I get to watch those nice knit hats go bouncing down the sidewalk, on their way to school. Yarn does make me happy and it keeps my family warm.

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