Just some random thoughts…

Stairs down from St. Isaac's cathedral dome.

Stairs down from St. Isaac’s cathedral dome.

This picture is about how my life is feeling at the moment…a spiral. Not necessarily a downward spiral or an upward spiral but a going round & round type of feeling.

Sometimes things get going well (like Christmas day) and sometimes things are REALLY off (like today). I decided to do nasal irrigation on myself (clean out the sinuses with warm saline water). Dumb idea…I’ve been in tears ever since. Yes, I think it’s helping but that doesn’t help the PAIN in my sinuses & eyeballs! I’m sure I’ll feel better soon. The current pain is just what I’m trying to NOT focus on while I write this! jet My head feeling right now…

Christmas eve, Steve stayed home with Chloe while Gabby, Duncan & I went to church. Gabby sang for the little kids (2-4 years) at the 10 and 12 o’clock services. Duncan and I went to the 10 a.m. service and then waited for Gabby to finish up. I just LOVE serving at Kensington Services. They have such GOOD FOOD !! YAY! And lots of people to chat with…YAY! Awesome service as well. I love focusing on the Names of God.

God has made it clear my focus in serving needs to change. I can hardly hear my family clearly (makes me sad), so I need to pray. Pray for others, pray for God’s will and how we accept it. I HAVE been praying, especially while I knit but God wants more. God needs me to pay attention to Him, know His word and pray for others with more solid intention rather than a flippant little prayer. This is going to be hard because my mind usually wanders when I pray.

Do any of you hear God calling you to do something different this year? Have you been paying attention to your Bible readings and things God has going on around you? God is never surprised by what we do. We need to look to God for our support rather than people or the world.

And, totally off that subject and onto another, we seem to have discovered something that helps calm & focus Duncan–little squeakers. Now if only we could find a silent squeaker that would be acceptable at school… LOL! I’m rather looking forward to his testing on January 15. I will be praying over this testing.

Careening off that subject and on to another: The week before Christmas was a wild one. Gabby came home sick on Tuesday, so missed the last 3 days of school. Duncan came home sick on Thursday, so only missed the last 1/2 day (party). On Wednesday morning, Chloe started throwing up and not eating. DSCN5226 On Thursday evening, Chloe was NOT doing well at all so Gabby and Steve took her into the vet. They gave her fluids and and anti-vomiting shot. She did OK over night but would not even sniff food in the morning. 😦 Took her back into the vet, more x-rays and the vet FELT something inside Chloe. Emergency operation at noon–walking out to see us at 4:30!! 6 inches of nearly dead intestines removed along with a chunk of doggy park KONG bone. 😦  DSCN5253 Chloe recovered quickly, coming home on Sunday evening. 🙂 She’s been doing well at home, except for the ‘not running’ when she ‘needs’ to chase a squirrel off our property! LOL!

The vet bill was huge. If you can help with that, or with prayers, we would appreciate it. All money goes directly to the vet hospital, not us. Please help if you can! Thanks!


May you have a wonderful, WONDER-FILLED 2015. I will be praying (without as much zoning out. Lord willing) for our year to be a bit less exciting than this one, pain and money-wise! A few things we have planned are a trip to North Carolina for our niece’s wedding and a trip to Maine to visit Gabby’s I Run 4 buddy, Sarah and her family. Hope 2015 treats us all well.

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