How much is God in the ‘little things’ of life?

You know me, I live & breathe for God. He is my savior and redeemer. He did a HUGE thing for me–He died for me, taking away my sins, so I can go to heaven when I die.

God is in those huge things of life: finding my husband, giving me my children, Steve still having an excellent job even after all the downsizing at EDS/HP, me having a very slow-growing inner ear tumor that was able to be taken out (fairly) easily, finding survivors at the World Trade Center, the phases of the moon occurring regularly.

OK, but what about those little things, like a parking place close to the store when it’s pouring rain 🙂 being able to anticipate a bad day at school by bringing along a snack in the car 🙂 (how did you know I needed that, Mom?) hesitantly starting a conversation with someone and then never wanting it to end.

I believe God has been crawling all over my life and the lives of a few other families for as long as my great-great-great-great grandparents were around–and even farther back than that. Why do I think that? I think that because of the way our daughter survived 2 years in some very tough conditions. I think that because our son is amazing, funny and adorable. I think that because our kiddos came from RIGHT ACROSS THE RIVER  from where my dad’s parents’ grew up (Lithuania).

I believe God has been closely watching Barb and George Brochu’s life, especially their daughter, Sarah’s. Sarah is the sweetest person I’ve met on the internet and I look forward to meeting her in person one day. God knew Gabby needed Sarah and Sarah needed Gabby. God also knew I needed Barb.

It’s a small thing to have your child ‘matched up’ with a runner in the ‘I Run 4 Michael’ facebook group. Runners sign up, non-runners sign up & we all wait for our match. to see more about it. Runners are waiting a LONG time for people to run for.

When we were matched with Sarah, it was a pretty happy day but we did not realize how well God matched our families. Barb has been through a number of things I’m going through now, so she is a good support. Sarah and Gabby share some things too–animal love, their sweet nature, the way they love to support each other and send little notes. Both Sarah and Gabby are beautiful beyond words and don’t really realize it.

God is amazing, even in the tiny, small things. God loves to surprise us with how much He cares for the small details of life. Nothing surprises Him. He loves it when we see His hand in our lives. My life is for God. Every time I knit or crochet, I pray.

One of my very favorite songs to sing/listen to:

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