The sound of 1 leaf falling


Many days, that’s all I want to hear. Many days, I’m a bit scared I won’t even hear that.

I have 2 kids who can be loud, a dog who can be loud, a husband who can be loud, I can be loud! Days that the kids are at school can be blessedly quiet. I still hear things like cars on the street, Husband talking on his phone meetings, the microwave, the cat meowing to go outside, the dog.

What will it be like when I can’t hear? Will it be quiet? Will I hear all the hissing & stuff I ‘hear’ in my deaf ear now? If I ‘hear’ that, it’ll be loud! Oh well…

Most of the leaves have fallen now. We had a rainy, windy halloween. We lost 2 of 3 umbrellas–even the one that was supposed to ‘withstand extreme winds’. Well, it was free to us. The other was only $5. Chloe was so cold, Steve & the kids came home after about 30 minutes. They got plenty of candy tho. 🙂 And, they are being good about not eating a TON of it every day. (Love my kiddos!)

So many odd things have been happening in the local FAS community lately. It is kicking my prayer life into higher gear. It is also making me appreciate every one of my friends even more. On line support groups are VERY important in my life. Knowing I’m doing as much as I can for my kids is high priority. God is #1, Steve is #2, kids are #3.  I need to be with God more too–he’s the one who makes those leaves change color & fall from the trees. Nothing surprises him–not even these things that have had me shell-shocked the last couple weeks.

I’m thankful for Gabby’s “I Run 4” buddy, Sarah. She is such a sweet kind soul. She and Gabby connected right away. Even better is that I also got a new ‘buddy’–a penpal. Sarah’s mom. It’s so nice to have someone to chat with, to ask to pray, to enjoy life & learning more about our family. It’s nice that the 2 families, or at least 2 people from 2 families have connected so well. Thank you, Lord, for directing all of this and putting our families together to care for each other.

Dearest Sarah & her running friend and their EIGHTEEN MILE run! :O Gabby and her camp buddy, Chelsea, and horse, Coolie.

sarahs run   image WIN_20140912_185402 and Chloe trying to help me with the computer…



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