Looking at the good side of life

Life is good. We are fortunate. We have a nice (although quite crowded and messy) house, we eat well, we get to go to fun places, we enjoy church and have good relationships with God and the people there. The kids are doing fine in school. The animals are fun and funny. I have enough time to knit and surf the net.

So, why am I so unsettled? I know the answer. I have not been reading the Bible lately, spending time with God. I fill my time with other things. God made it pretty clear that He’s trying to tell me something when the messages at church for 3 weeks were from Nehemiah and the women’s Bible study I signed up for is also about Nehemiah. Nehemiah is about change. I don’t really want to change.

Change since our little flood has been a big issue here. The kids were upset about all the toys they would be losing. I was upset about the house being in total disarray for a few months. Steve was upset about getting things right again and the cost of everything. Change has also been evident in the kids going back to school, at 2 different schools. Gabby is doing well, taking the bus, doing as much homework as possible, trying to understand the ways of Middle School. Duncan is doing so-so, not quieting down when teachers speak, wanting to stop playing soccer, wanting to play video games for hours on end.

I am still thankful for all I have. God has blessed us richly. We still pinch pennies in many places but we are able to also have a good time. Amazing that 10 years ago, we were in Kaliningrad, Russia meeting our kids for the first time. Now THERE’S some CHANGE! 🙂

Looking from the top of St. Isaac's cathedral.

Looking from the top of St. Isaac’s cathedral.

Stairs down

Going down the stairs from the dome of St. Isaac’s cathedral, St Petersburg, Russia. September 25, 2004

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