This past week has been a week of changes. It began with the last Sunday of summer. It was a little strange because I usually call my aunt every Sunday evening and talk for a little while. I didn’t call on Sunday because she was in Florida for her youngest granddaughter’s wedding–a sunrise affair on the beach. Sounds like it should be beautiful and romantic… I hope it was!

Tuesday my 2 kids began school at 2 different schools–first time in 5 years! Lovely daughter got to take the school bus for the first time, dearest son decided not to ride his bike because he didn’t have the permission slip yet! So, I drove him. Wednesday, Lovely daughter decided to take the bus both to and FROM school. She did great! Son still doesn’t have the bike permission slip, so we are still driving him. (I think I’ll stop in & sign a permission slip on Monday!)

School-wise, both kids are doing OK. Aside from a little blip on Thursday for daughter, things are going well for her. Son is happy and seems to be doing better than I expected. I am happy about that.

This week, we also got ‘paired’ with runner-buddies for the kids. Daughter’s runner-buddy lives in Maine, has 4 cats, 9 birds and is VERY happy to have a person to run for. Son’s runner-buddy lives in Washington state, has 3 kiddos and also seems glad to have a new buddy. He doesn’t write as much as daughter’s buddy but he seems to be a nice, friendly guy.

If YOU have a special needs kid & he/she would like a runner-buddy go to: and sign up under the ‘match me’ area. If you are a runner, read ‘for our runners’.

Today, Daughter’s runner ran 22 miles for her. Daughter made a video to show her runner her bedroom. Both were thrilled to see & help each other get thru the day. They make each other laugh…and that makes me happy. 🙂

peterpanTink Duncandaff

This is one of Lovely Daughter’s LONG singing weekends–1 service on Saturday and 3 on Sunday. THEN, she has middle school ministry, Breakaway, from 5:15 till 7:30. She should be good & tired by the end of that!

So, my busy life with one child with ADHD and one child with FAS, ADHD, extreme anxiety (probable PTSD) and Hashimoto’s Disease will continue tomorrow. Maybe we can tell you about how we got the basement playroom all set up with a tv and my knitting supplies…and had a flood less than 2 weeks later. Or maybe we can tell you about how I’m going deaf and still dizzy 5 1/2 years after brain surgery. Or maybe we can tell you about our silly, adorable animals…


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